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There are a couple of great offers at Ralphs available now, just in time for Cinco de Mayo! I am really excited about these new offers, as well as the sweet deals on tortillas and beer (see details here Ralphs: Great Deals on Dos XX, Tortillas, and More!!). Add these to your card today, and then purchase these items anytime before May 4! I would wait until the Friday Freebie offers are activated tomorrow before heading out, but this is a great way to get some of your special purchase items pretty cheap!!

Ralphs Offers

Click HERE to add the Ralphs coupons to your card!

Don’t forget that the $5/$15 produce coupon can be used towards the $60 total, as well as your SavingStar freebie tomorrow, the Salsa freebie here, the Friday Freebie from Ralphs tomorrow, as well as any other free offers on your card. Additionally, the $60 is BEFORE any coupons have been applied, so you should be able to easily reach this!! Keep in mind that milk and alcohol are excluded though, so plan accordingly 🙂