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There is a great sale going on for kids clothing; AGAIN!!! This new site is offering a $10 welcome credit on 50% off items, WITH FREE SHIPPING! That means that you can get one full outfit for $4.98, or you can get two full outfits for $19.98, delivered to your doorstep for free! Click the image below to take your “style quiz”, and get the $10 credit added to your account:


There are lots of adorable clothes here, but here were my two favorites:

fabkids order 1


After I had added this outfit to my cart, I clicked the yellow banner at the top of the screen to add a second outfit for free, and I added this one:

fabkids order 2


Keep in mind that this company will add you to their monthly subscription service of one outfit every month for the full price of $29.95. This is not a bad deal, but remember to decide if you want to continue your subscription after you receive your first outfit. There is no obligation to continue your service, and no cancellation fee should you choose to cancel. Enjoy!!!