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There is a great new mail in rebate available on Veet’s Bikini, Underarm, and Face Wax Strip Kit! This has so many different strips in it; looks awesome! My favorite way of using mail in rebates is to pay for the product on credit card. Then I pay the credit card (in full) when the bill comes a few weeks later, and then my checking account is “reimbursed” for the credit card payment a few weeks later when I receive the mail in rebate. I have even received the rebateĀ before making the credit card payment, and I have just sent the money directly to the credit card company. As you get deeper into couponing, you may have 3-4 checks arrive every month, and these will cover the cost of your next mail in rebate. Click on the image below to get your rebate form, valid at any major retailer:


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