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I use multiple methods to organize all of my coupons. One of these is the “file cabinet method”, which involves keeping whole inserts, and filing them by date for future reference. This is SO easy, and makes sure that I keep the overwhelming pile of inserts OFF of my desk. My file cabinet tends to fill up quickly, however, so we still need to do some housekeeping. Here is a list of all of the ENTIRE inserts that you can throw away if you are filing by date in the file cabinet method:


Purge all

January 2015
Purge all

February 2015
2/1/15: Purge all
RP: $2/1 Konsyl Original Formula exp 8/31/15
SS: $2/1 Cravon Never-Fried French Fries exp 12/31/15
2/15/15: Purge all
SS: $1/1 Stur Liquid Water Enhancer 5/15/16
$2/1 Colace Clear 8/22/15
$2/1 Colace Regular 8/22/15

March 2015
3/1/15: Purge all
3/8/15: Purge RP
SS: $1/1 Snackwell’s Pantry Item 9/30/15
$1/1 Snackwell’s on the Go Item 9/30/15
3/15/15: Purge all
3/22/15: Purge all
3/29/15: Purge PG
SS: too many unexpired to list
RP: $1/1 Airscapes Product 12/31/15
$1/1 Damprid Product 12/31/15

April 2015 – August 2015
Keep all inserts, too many unexpired coupons to list
PurgeĀ April PG, May PG, June PG, July PG