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I have been talking about the Target Baby Registry (with $60 free welcome kit!), but did you know that there is also a Target Wedding Registry? This is what hubby and I used, and it was so easy! We received duplicates of some gifts, and they were easily exchanged. Also, people could see what had already been purchased online, and it crossed it off of our list. Out of town relatives even sent us gifts directly through the registry, which was super convenient. We also found out that people were able to find us on the registry website really easily, which is important to impact their “buying mood” 🙂 . After we got married, Target also sent us a “completion coupon”, which was 15% off of anything that was still remaining on the list….super great to make sure that we had all of our essentials! Click the image below to sign up for your free Target Wedding Registry, and see all of the amazingness that Target has to offer! Also, guests will get 20% off of their purchase of $100+ when they use the promo code WEDDING20 (expires 8/29), and that is on top of the 5% that they can get with their RedCard!!! What more reason do you need??? Sign up below now!