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I have talked about Hello Fresh in the past, and I have now tried it. Especially with a newborn, being able to have home cooked meals is a HUGE PLUS, but this is a great service if you are busy, if you like to learn new recipes or cooking techniques, or if you just need some new inspiration. We decided to try this service because with the great new trial offer, it was actually cheaper than getting fast food. It ends up being $5 per meal per person for two OR four people, which is less than we would have spent at the drive-through, for fresh and easy, DELIVERED meals! I have also spoken with their customer service several times (including when we were charged and did not want the subscription that week), and they refunded the money with absolutely no hassle. Click the image below to sign up for $40 off your first delivery (because I referred you), and you are under no obligation to continue the service!!!


hello fresh meal boxes