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Time for cleaning out your closet (and refilling it!!!). If you are new to Schoola, or if you have purchased with them before, there are a couple of great deals available for you! This is a great way to start off your new year, by being able to purge a ton of stuff from your closet, and also donate to your favorite LOCAL schools.

Schoola is a clothing website that has everything from infant clothing to adult clothing and accessories. They are offering a new customer sign up bonus just for clicking the image below of $20. You will also get an ADDITIONAL $10 for creating a collection (more on that below). There is also a promo code for 40% off right now!!! What does that mean for you? It means $50 in FREE clothing, delivered right to your doorstep! You can get the $50 in free clothes, with FREE shipping! Considering they have a ton of awesome items for $2-3, that is a lot of stuff for the whole family.

schoola promo code

Click HERE to get your $20 credit. Once you have gone to the site, you will want to “create a collection”. This means you need to create a “person” that you would want to purchase clothing for, with their name and size. Click save, and you have now created a collection, and will have an ADDITIONAL $10 credit added to your account.

schoola collection2

After you have successfully done that, you will see this bar at the top of your screen (this is desktop, which I think is easier to use for the site by far):

schoola collection 3

Now, go crazy with your shopping! Get your cart to a total of $50, take 40% off with promo code CELEBRATE, $20 off for being referred by me, $10 off for your collection, and the whole cart will be FREE!!!  These come within about a week or so, with a cool reusable bag, and even have tags on them; the perfect gift!!! Schoola even donates 40% of your order to local schools, and sends you a pre-paid mailer to donate clothing back as well, with the proceeds going to the school of your choice. Click HERE to get started now!!!