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I have been trying out all of the meal delivery services, and I was very impressed with the quality and affordability of this one. I also love the fact that you can customize it and add and remove meals and add-ons very easily too! Home Chef is available for just 2 meals a week if you want, or you can add as many as you need. They also have smoothies, breakfasts, and even fruit baskets available, really making this a one-stop shop! If your total is under $45, they will charge a $10 shipping fee, but you can add a fruit basket for two ($9.95) to get over that limit and have fruit available; a great deal in my opinion! Here is what I received one of the weeks from Home Chef:

Spicy Cajun Shrimp & White Cheddar Grits

OK so I need to start off by saying that hubby is not a seafood person, and that this was my second time ever making grits. WOW…even my husband wants to make this one again! The shrimp was delicious and had a bit of a kick to it, and the grits were absolutely incredible. The food was hearty and easy to make, and the whole thing was done in about 20 minutes. I am SO excited to make grits again, specifically because of this recipe! The best part about these services is that EVERYTHING is included (meat, sides, produce, etc), and there is also a recipe card as well, so you can recreate any of your favorites!


Steak Wellington

Gordon Ramsey is one of my favorite cooks, and I have seen several of his shows showing how to make his Wellington; it has been on my “to-do” list for some time. This was a super simple, easy Wellington, and man-oh-man was it yummy! There was a mushroom demi-glace that had me licking the pan, and the carrots (which are never a side in our home) were the perfect addition. Super simple and quick to make, this one was on the table within about 30 minutes.



Overall, I have been very impressed with Home Chef, and have ordered from them a couple of times. As I mentioned above, they charge $39.80 for two sets of two meals (four meals total), and you can add additional meals based on your family’s size or needs. In addition, there is a $10 shipping charge if you are under the $45 minimum, so you can add another meal, set of smoothies, fruit basket, or whatever to get above that. Right now they are offering a $30 off promotional code, just for trying them out! That means that you can get 4 meals for just $19.80 delivered to your home! Now that’s what I can stretching that $20 bill! Let us know what you get, and what you think of the service overall!!

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