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I am so excited about this new delivery offer! Squix is offering their Q-Box, regularly $15.98 (plus $5.95 shipping) for $40-$50 in products, for just $2.99 for the month of June for new members. There is also a discounted shipping shipping rate this month of $4.95. IN ADDITION, there is a new promo code, valid this month only, to get your first box for FREE! That means that you will get a $40-$50 box with three full sized products, for just the $4.95 shipping cost, delivered to your door!

The Q-Box has $40-$50 in cleaning products, customized to your needs. This box comes as a monthly or every other month subscription, and you can pause or cancel at any time. Even to just try this one with the hot new member offer is TOTALLY worth it! Check out the details in this unboxing video, and then use promo YAYFREE at checkout to get your first box for free!!!

Q-Box Kitchen & Home Products Box New Member Offer

Here’s what comes in the June box this month:

Introductory QBox includes the following items:

–          Mrs. Jones Soapbox All-Purpose Disinfecting Spray ($9.99): When you want a non-toxic disinfectant spray to zap dirt, grease and bacteria, use this all-purpose spray. The eco-friendly disinfecting spray uses natural ingredients and essential oils to tackle everything from kitchens and bathrooms to doors and tile floors.

–          Core Kitchen Flexible Cutting Sheets, 4 Pack ($13.00): Cut meat, seafood, poultry, and vegetables with these colorful cutting sheets from Core Kitchen. Each sheet is color-coded based on your cutting protection needs. These flexible cutting sheets are stain and odor resistant, and also dishwasher safe!

–     Chive Arch Vase (Blue) ($25.00): You will fall in love with this unique vase from Chive! With its horizontal design, it’s perfect for a low-profile centerpiece (and an amazing conversation starter at your next dinner party!). Flowers that work great in this vase include Tulips, Freesia, Iris and Orchids.

Get your new member offer, and free box, using promo code YAYFREE here:

Q-Box Kitchen & Home Products Box New Member Offer