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You know how much I LOVE delivered meals. Well do I have an awesome deal for you today! Gulliver’s Pantry offers authentic Mediterranean meals for a family of four, including an appetizer and dessert. These are enough food for four adults, so for our household, each of these provides two full dinners. You can customize them completely for what you like, and you get put everything together in under 20 minutes. You can choose to subscribe to regular deliveries, or just order these when you need them (you should always have a couple of boxes on hand!), and they ship for free. This would be a GREAT gift idea as well (new parents, newlyweds, new home owners, college students, etc!!).  I tried a couple of their meals and they are all very hearty, filling, and delicious. I also am super excited about the fact that they were so quick and easy that we didn’t have to resort to fast food, so these were a much cheaper and healthier alternative. Here’s what we got:

Healthy Grilled Vegetable

This one had tons of veggies in the sauce, and it super yummy. We added a chicken breast to round out the meal, but it really didn’t need it. We started with the hojiblanca olives, spicy Italian bruschetta, and Italian crackers. The olives were good, but man-oh-man do you need to try the bruschetta. Bruschetta is like an Italian salsa, made of tomatoes, basil, garlic, and olive oil. This one packs a kick and flavor punch all in one; we absolutely polished it off. The pasta is a very high quality pasta and might be my favorite yet (yes,  I can taste a difference!). The Grilled Vegetable sauce was hearty and rich, and had great flavors as well. We finished with the Biscotti di Prato (with some coffee, because, well….coffee.) These were like little almond cookies, with a hit of sweet, and the perfect ending to the meal.

Tomato Ricotta Delight

The tomato ricotta delight meal had the same beginning of the incredible spicy bruschetta, Italian crackers, and hojiblanca olives (I was unsuccessful in bribing my husband to steal his bruschetta). The pasta was the same quality pasta, this time as spaghetti. The sauce had tons of ricotta cheese, and we smothered it in even more cheese as well. I wanted to add some veggies that we had at home, as well as some diced chicken, to this meal. I added onions, garlic, mushrooms, and whatever other veggies I could find in my fridge to a saucepan, cooked those with some chicken, and added it to the sauce. SO yummy, and so filling. I also sprinkled the pasta with the Fleur de Sal, which really brought out the flavors of this dish. We finished with some more of the Biscotti di Prato for dessert; these would also make an incredible breakfast as well if you can get them to last that long!

Pesto Genovese & Penne

Our final meal was the pesto penne. Pesto is made from basil, garlic, and olive oil, so you are getting a ton of Italian flavors with this one. We started the meal with sun dried tomatoes and Italian crackers as an appetizer, and we had a German Butter Oil and balsamic vinegar dipping sauce for the crackers as well. I also added a bunch of the sun dried tomatoes and parmesan cheese to the pesto sauce, and tossed that with the penne pasta. The pesto sauce was delicious, and the sun dried tomatoes added so much flavor to the dish. We finished our final meal with the biscotti for dessert; so much food in the box!

Overall I was very surprised by the amount of food that you receive in each box. It is literally enough for two full dinners for myself and my husband, and we like to EAT. I also loved how we could customize and get any combination that we wanted, which is great since I usually decide last minute what we are going to eat. The fact that these were all on the table within 20 minutes was wonderful, and the price is great. Gulliver’s Pantry offers the whole meal for just $19.96 for four adults, delivered to your home. That is an incredible price, but they are also trying to get people to try out their service, and offering a super hot deal, exclusive to our readers. Right now if you use promo code KOUPONING at checkout, you will only pay $9! NINE BUCKS to get food for four people (or four servings for just you to eat!), delivered to your door, of healthy, high quality, delicious food is a great deal! I highly recommend trying them out; please let me know what you get!!

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