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As parents of a child under one, we have been exhausted. Everything that would normally take just a few minutes sometimes will take an hour, and just running to the store to grab a gallon of milk seems like a huge endeavor. Over the past several months, in order to try to get ourselves up and out of this craziness that is “new parents syndrome”, we have tried several meal delivery services, and we have been super happy with the results. Here is a great one for you to try with an awesome introductory offer. No, we don’t use these services every day, but using them every 2-4 weeks really gives us the helping hand that we need all the time sometimes.

Blue Apron offers fresh ingredients and a variety in their meals. When I would just throw some chicken in a pan, Blue Apron comes to the rescue with a new catfish recipe, or a new steak meal. Of all of the meal delivery services, Blue Apron is the one that I have ordered the most, just because their pricing is best and their recipes are good. Another thing that I love about Blue Apron is in addition to trying out new ingredients or recipes that you would not normally try, you also get to learn how to work with new ingredients. I have learned about how to work with Tarragon, using biscuits as sandwich bread (wow!), and also made grits for the first time. These new tastes and techniques really spice up the kitchen in our home, and cooking becomes a whole family event. I do have to admit that I LOVE the novelty aspect as well. Here is an example of a box that I recently received from Blue Apron.

Seared Chicken & Mashed Potatoes


This meal was super simple, but so packed with flavor! The chicken was very juicy and had a perfect crisp to the edges, and was served with a side of buttery mashed potatoes. The veggies are where I always struggle with dinner, so I was really excited to try something new. These were kale and mushrooms, and some creme fraiche – YUM! I will be making this one again; hubby was excited about the kale!

Indonesian Spiced Salmon


Let me start by saying that we are not big on fish (especially hubby), but this one was SO good! The tumeric is something that we never cook with, but it added so much flavor. Also, we are not big on radishes, but I was so surprised by how good the salad was! We have actually made the salad again since this recipe, and beginning to end we were very happy with this dish.

Pibil Style Pork


This was my favorite dish of the box. This was a spiced marinated pork, topped with a sweet & spicy salsa, and a delicious orange rice. The rice had orange zest in it, which really added so much flavor! There was also a side of collard greens, which is another veggie that was new for us. I think my favorite part was the salsa; cilantro, orange, scallions, and pickled jalapenos. I could eat this on top of just about anything! That is another reason that I love these boxes; I get to learn new cooking ideas and techniques to apply in future meals. I also reference the recipes for all of these dishes frequently for inspiration as well!

Overall, the recipes are very simple, and since you get a recipe card, you  can make your favorites over again (which we have done). The food is cheaper than fast food, and is pretty healthy and balanced. I would recommend the taste of the meals, the quality of the ingredients, as well as the variety in the meals as well. Best of all, they have an introductory offer going on right now! Blue Apron is offering the first three meals free when you order a box, plus free shipping! This is a great way to be able to try out this meal delivery service, and see what you think! Click the image below  for more information, and let us know what you get!