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Here is a great offer for you! We use our credit cards to take advantage of the perks of credit, without the disadvantage of paying interest. It is the BEST way to build your credit, and it can also build the cash in your wallet too! Many companies offer rewards just for signing up and using their account. The longest standing credit card that we have in our wallet is our Chase Freedom card. We use this card to get cash back on purchases. They automatically have bumped our credit limit up over the years (although you can always call and ask). We have also had a couple of occasions where we forgot to pay a bill (life happens!), and they have always reversed the interest and fees for us with no issue (love their customer service!). You will earn 1% cash back, plus there are additional categories that change every 3 months to earn 5% cash back, so the $$ can really start to add up.

Right now they are offering a $150 cash back in addition to their regular cash back program, just for signing up and spending at least $500 with the card in the first 90 days. This is a GREAT opening offer, and you can always pay off the balance each month, so you will never have to pay any interest or fees. In addition, if your credit is new, I would also recommend this card, as I got it while I was still in college with absolutely no (good) credit at the time. In addition, you can earn $25 for adding an authorized user within the same time frame (how we started hubby’s credit, but would be an excellent way to jump start your kid’s/relatives credit too, without them even needing access to a card).

Another great way to take advantage of this is for each spouse to get their own card, so you would EACH get the $150 bonus; that’s an extra $300 CASH, or a 30% return!!!!

You can check out all of the details for their card below, and get $175 BONUS CASH (or MORE) now!!!