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Ok guys, you might want to sit down for this one. We have been looking at credit card offers as a great way to bring in some extra cash or get some free travel. Here is a SUPER HOT offer for you! Chase is offering their Ink Business Preferred card right now with an incredible bonus. You can earn over $800 in CASH, or over $1,000 in travel, with their new introductory offer. That is enough for a couple of round trip flights (no blackout dates), several nights at a hotel, or just grab the cash and go. Anyone with a small business (no proof needed) is eligible to apply!

This is an amazing offer that I wouldn’t miss. Keep in mind that if you are not good with credit cards, this is probably not a good offer for you. I have not paid any interest on this as I pay off my balance in full; if you are up for that, keep reading!

So here’s how it works. You apply online, and are given an answer right away. Hubby and I EACH got our own cards (do two separate applications; DON’T apply together), so we were EACH able to earn this bonus. When you spend $5,000 on the card within the first 3 months, you will get a BONUS 80,000 points. You can then redeem those points for $800+ straight cash, or better yet, $1000+ in travel expenses worldwide. That is an insanely amazing offer! In addition, you will earn 1-3% cash back on all of your purchases, which is a really great deal too! I have been using this card to pay for our cell phones (get FREE cell phone insurance), our phone/cable/internet, and anything post office related, and get 3% back on all of those; when before it was just coming out of our checking account. That’s free money we were just leaving on the table. Click the image below to get started; it will literally take 2 minutes to get approved!!!

Chase Ink Business Preferred Card