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Over the past several months, I have been trying all of the meal delivery services out there. One of them, however, really stands out in terms of simplicity and EASY, QUICK cooking. Every one of Gobble’s recipes was on the table within 15 minutes, most of them made with one hand with the other holding a clingy baby. If you are short on time, or maybe lack in skills in the cooking department, WOW is this a good one for you to try! Their meals were also well balanced, and delicious, which is an oh-so-important factor for me! I also was able to choose which of my meals I wanted to receive (you can always skip a week if it doesn’t work for your schedule or you don’t want what they offer that week!). Here’s what they sent in my box:

Vietnamese Shaking Beef w/Toasted Garlic Noodles

This one was SUPER delicious. The vietnamese sweet shaking sauce was garlicky, and it was served over a salad, making the juices and marinade and everything just come together. The whole thing was topped with toasted garlic (which should just come on everything from now on…). The buttered garlic noodles were a wonderful addition, and everything took under 10 minutes to get to the table.

Pan Roasted Chicken w/Shaved Brussel Sprouts & Herb Butter Pan Sauce

More and more I have been becoming a fan of brussel sprouts. “Shaving” them was something that I hadn’t tried, probably because it is so labor intensive, but this one was totally worth it. The chicken breasts were roasted to a golden brown, and the brussel sprouts, tossed with marble potatoes and a tangy horseradish sauce was just wonderful. Hubby polished his plate; we are going to need to make this one again!

Pan Seared Barramundi w/Sweet Potato & Poblano Hash

I am going to start off by saying that we don’t really eat fish. This was INCREDBILE. The fish was flaky and perfect, but the poblano hash was a spicy side that packed a punch, and we decided that we should bottle the green sauce. The salsa verde was mixed with freshly chopped avocado, making for a nice hearty, spicy, flavorful accompaniment to the barramundi. Overall a total winner!



Overall I think that everything was so easy and already prepped, and incredibly fast. Especially on nights that dinner just isn’t going to happen, which happens a lot more than I would like to admit, a service like this is super helpful to defend your family agai  nst having pizza delivered – again. I would highly recommend trying out the service, especially with their introductory offer! Right now, they are offering $50 off your first box , which is the best offer that we have ever seen! That is cheaper and quicker than going out to the drive through, and much healthier too!

Click HERE to check them out, and let me know what you think!!