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This is an awesome new deal for you! There are several magazines that you can get right now from SYWR. Purchase the one year subscription, and you will receive that amount BACK in points, making it totally free! There are so many awesome magazines included in this deal, and no limit to how many you can order!!

  1. Click here to sign up for free for SYWR, and pick me as your Personal Shopper so I can continue to bring you awesome deals like these. You MUST be a member to take advantage of this deal.
  2. Click HERE to go directly to the Free Magazines Page. Add the subscription to your cart, and checkout. You will receive the points back for your purchase price over the life of your subscription. For example, a $24 one year subscription would pay you $2 per month for the first year. Easy peesy!

(magazines auto renew, but you are under no obligation to continue after the first year)