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Have you signed up for ibotta yet? This amazing app has TONS of freebies and money makers, and is my number one, go-to app for saving money! Sign up for your free app HERE! Already a member? Here are the bonuses available for the month of May, as well as some great ideas on how to obtain these bonuses for FREE (bonuses are extra cash that ibotta gives you when you earn (wye) a certain amount!!

ibotta may bonus


Bonus Level 1 ($2 wye $5)

Walmart Vita Frute $9.96
$4/1 Vita Frute RP 4/12
= $5.96, submit $6 ibotta rebate
Final = FREE, get $2 bonus for completing level 1! (and a rollover of $1 towards next bonus)

Bonus Level 2 ($3 wye $6)

Walmart Wellesse Calcium and Vitamin D $6.97
$4/1 Wellesse Calcium
= $2.97, submit $4 ibotta rebate
Final = $1.03 Money Maker

Walmart Sally Hansen Hard As Nails $2.47
$1.00/1 Sally Hansen RP 5/3
= $1.47, submit $1.50 ibotta rebate
Final = $0.03 Money Maker, complete level 2, get $3 bonus ($0.50 rollover toward next bonus)

Bonus Level 3 ($3 wye $10)
Ralphs ONE Coconut Water $2.00
= $2.00, submit $1 ibotta rebate, AND $1 Shopmium rebate (referral code MGGMEFVW)
Final = FREE

Walmart So Delicious Creamer $1.98 (pretty good!)
$1/1 So Delicious
= $0.98, submit $1 ibotta rebate
Final = FREE

Target MilkSplash $2.99 (REALLY good!)
$1/1 MilkSplash
= $1.99, submit $1 Checkout51 AND $1 ibotta
Final = FREE

Walmart Glade Plug In Warmer $1.33
$1/1 Glade Product SS 5/3
= $0.33, submit $0.50 ibotta
Final = $0.17 Money Maker (there is also a bonus available if you have previously submitted Glade Oil)

Walgreens Arnicare Arthritis Relief 60ct $7.99
$3/1 Arnicare RP 5/10
= $4.99, submit $5 ibotta
Final = FREE

5 ibotta produce offers, (one onion, one tomato, one banana, one lettuce, one bread), will complete bonus level 3 for an additional $3!!

There are so many GREAT produce offers (as well as milk/eggs/cereal and other generics), you should be able to get a couple of dollars just in those. My favorite, however, is the triple stack available this week:

Target 2 Bananas $0.48
submit $0.25/1 Checkout51 AND $0.20/1 ibotta  AND 20% SavingStar ($0.10)
Final = $0.07 Money Maker!

Finally, my ONE Coconut Water, Kimberly Clark, and Sally Hansen rebates have all reset twice so far this month, so you should be able to at least take advantage of those freebies again!

This list will get you through the first 3 levels of bonuses, and can be completed in one night! Final cost will be FREE for everything above!!!