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This deal has just come back with free shipping, $15 off your order, AND a $10 bonus too!!!!!

Here is such a super AWESOME deal for you! I just purchased $15 worth of kids clothes, with a $15 credit!!! Here is what I got:

I had to pay tax (***shakes fist angrily***) of $1.35, but for saving $50, donating 40% of my purchase to schools, AND getting a $15 credit WITH free shipping, I am a happy camper!! How can you get yours? So glad you asked!!! Use the link below, and your free shipping and $15 first time credit will apply AUTOMATICALLY! Add all of your clothing to your cart (I would recommend keeping it under $15, but they have super cute stuff!!), and proceed to checkout. You will see your $15 coming off, and the shipping fee is waived. SO EASY!!
There is also a BONUS $10 that you can add to your order for even more savings! Just create your first “collection”, and it will automatically get added to your account. There is so much super stuff here, even if you don’t have kids, you know a kid who would really benefit from these items. On top of it all, the company also donates a portion of the sale to local schools, so it really is a win-win-win!
schoola $10 bonus