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Hello everyone! I have been teaching people how to coupon for years, but it has always been at event locations, or even our home. There are so many of you that can’t make a Los Angeles class that I am now offering a LIVE, online couponing class!

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The class will be held online through facebook, and you will be able to access it online or via your phone. You will also be able to ask questions during the class. Here’s how to register:

  1. The invitation for the class is located here: Kouponing Class
  2. There is a $5 fee for the class, payable through paypal. Please send payment as “Friends and Family” to avoid fees, and send to
  3. Once you have sent payment, please send me a message through facebook to confirm that I have received it. I will respond with a secret link for the class itself. Payments will be accepted until the night before the class, but due to the nature of facebook and not knowing who actually attends, I cannot offer a refund if you miss the class. However, I will leave the video available for the rest of the weekend if you are unable to watch it so that you will still have time to catch up.

My class normally runs for two hours, but obviously since it is live, the time will vary. I don’t plan to limit the number in the class, but if a ton of people sign up, I will close registration for this class at a point. I will have another one next month as well. Hope to see you all there!!!