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Have you signed up for Kellogg’s Family Rewards yet? They have tons of great offers, recipes, and most importantly, high value coupons! Every Kelloggs item (including Keebler cookies, Eggos waffles, cereal boxes, and MORE!!!) has a Kellogg’s Family Rewards code on the box, and especially with all of their bonus codes, these add up very quickly. It is a great way to score FREE cereal, cookies, and tons of other items!  Click the image below to sign up for FREEEEEE!



In addition, Kellogg’s is offering a BONUS this month, if you submit 10 product codes. You will get 1000 points for these 10 codes. You can even purchase these products at 99 Cent Only stores, and for $5 get enough points to get a couple of high value coupons for free or super cheap cereal, pop tarts, eggos, and more!!! Click the image below to check it out!!!


kfr bonus