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Shop Your Way Rewards can be a bit confusing, so hopefully I can help “demystify” how they work. Shop Your Way Rewards are store points (used mainly at Sears and Kmart) that you earn when making purchases. You can then redeem them towards future purchases. 1,000 points = $1.00, and you can earn points on every purchase that you make. In addition, Kmart/Sears have bonus offers available that will give you points based on your spending, based on overall dollar amount, or even just points/dollars off of any purchase (resulting in freebies!). Here are a couple of examples:

This shows at the top of your screen that you havesurprise points available. If you click the details link, you can find out what you have received.

Here are the details for the points. Some offers go to everyone, and some come from a pool, so many people will have them, and many people won’t get the offers. If you click Shop Now, it will take you to that specific category.

If you go directly to the Shop Your Way Rewards site, you will see the available points that you have, when they expire, AND all of the available surprise points on your account. You’ll notice that I have $19 in surprise points available in the images above (from the Kmart site), but $44 below. That’s because I am on the SYWR site, so it will show all points for all stores. For that reason, it’s best to check your SYWR account to see all offers to make sure that you don’t miss anything:

This offer shows that you will be able to redeem $9 off your purchase of $35 in all Sears home departments. This is a surprise points offer, so you can use this on top of your earned points to maximize savings!

You can also earn bonus points back on purchases with offers like these (but you can’t EARN AND REDEEM on the same purchase). This is a great way to save on your next purchase!

This is what I refer to as the gold standard of SYWR points offers. This is a “points off offer”, but there is no minimum. You will be able to get $5 off anything in the Sears home category, resulting in tons of freebies!!!

Here is an example of something that you can get for FREE, right now, with this offer. Note on the bottom left that it says you can redeem $4.99 in surprise points, and you can earn 50 points later. However, remember from above that you can only EARN or REDEEM, so you will have to choose. In this case, it obviously makes more sense to redeem than earn. You will be able to see how it works in checkout, under the payments section.

Here is the payments page. It states that you will earn 50 points for this purchase, and asks if you would like to redeem any points.

Notice that once you apply the points that the “points earned” disappears. You can always revise the points redeemed if you decide that you would rather earn instead. In addition, when you use points, this reduces the subtotal, so if your subtotal is free, you also don’t pay tax!

You can pickup your items for free, or you can have them shipped. Shipping is free on orders  over $49, or with a SYWR Max membership. I signed up for this free trial, and turned off the auto-renewal. They continued to send me a free trial extension through February, and I signed up in 2014! I don’t know if that is typical or not, but it is one heck of a glitch!

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Finally, you are going to want to sign up for the Win It app. You can play daily to get points, or even instant win $1,000 prizes too. I win a couple of dollars every week from this one; it is a biggie!