Here is a list of my top favorite apps to use to save money. ALL of the apps that I use are free, and I do NOT endorse any paying apps. I have also included how much I personally earn on these apps to help you decide which ones you want (all of them!!). Additionally, these apps can ALL be used along with each other (if there is an offer on all of the apps, you can redeem that offer on all apps), and they can also be stacked with manufacturer and store coupons. Finally, please use the listed referral links, as some will give you bonuses, and some will help me, which makes it easier to maintain the blog and write articles like these. Enjoy!!!!


This app pays you to shop! For every qualified purchase, ibotta will give you money back. This is ON TOP of your coupons, so in some cases with free items, I actually make money on purchases. This is definitely my favorite app so far, as I can submit my receipts (by taking a picture of my receipt with my phone), and ibotta will give me money for items that I would normally already purchase. They have also included a new store specials section, with more deals exclusive to specific stores, like Target and Walmart, and give you cash bonuses for redeeming more offers. Last month, I received $50 in cash from this free app. I would highly recommend it, and new users get a $10 bonus! Click the link below to get started.




The Favado app is a great way to interact with this blog. You can go to any of the store matchups and create a shopping list, that you can then access from your phone. You can also search and see which stores have the best deals on which products, as well as discover the items in your store that have coupons associated with them. This app is a great way to interact with the blog on the go!


This is such a great app that I use almost every day. This app is great when you are shopping, as you get points for walking into stores, as well as for scanning items in the store (using your phone’s camera). There are coupons for specific stores in the app as well, such as $3 off $15 of men’s apparel, or $1 off of a bag of chips. You can even get points for actual purchases, by linking your debit card if you want to earn extra points. There are dozens of rewards to choose from, but my favorite by far are Target giftcards. I earn an average of $10 a month in Target gift cards, which can be redeemed in store, and instantly scanned from your phone at the cash register. These are great to lower your shopping trip costs, or to save up for your holiday shopping. Click the link below to get Shopkick for your phone.




Paribus is a brand new app that you NEED to get that you don’t really need to do anything with. This app tracks your online shopping through the emailed confirmations that you receive. If you purchase something and the price drops, Paribus will go to work and get you the difference back. You don’t need to do anything special on your shopping trips; everything here is automatic after you set it up!


This website turned app is SUCH a great resource for freebies and stacking savings! You submit your receipt, and get money back on your purchase. A couple of things that set this app apart from the others are the healthy offers (20% off a produce item, new every week), Freebie Friday (100% back on an item, new every Friday), and their “threshold offers” (get $5 back wyb $25, etc). There are also the regular $1/1 type rebates available, which come in handy when there aren’t coupons out for items. Overall, GREAT app!

This is an organic person’s dream! All of the organic/vegan/non-GMO stuff is here. Liquor too ? . I do not eat organic, so I only earn a couple of dollars monthly from this app. Great to have for stacking with other apps though on some products.
berrycart logo
MobiSave is a great app to save on name brand items, as well as generics (i.e. ANY onions, ANY milk, ANY pain medicine), at ANY store. Make sure to activate the offers that you might redeem in your shopping trip (BEFORE purchasing), and then just submit a photo of your receipt. My favorite part is that you don’t have to “cash out” your balance; each transaction just goes directly to your PayPal account.
This app is specific to Target stores, and offers a percentage discount off of specific items. You choose which items you will purchase, and the Cartwheel app will create a barcode that you can scan at the checkstand to discount your purchase. I have seen many items that you do not traditionally see coupons for (such as 30% off firepits), and many items that also have current coupons. The great thing about this app is that you can use it ON TOP of manufacturer AND store coupons, so it is a triple discount. Click below to get Cartwheel.
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Checkout51 is a different app in that you don’t have to have a smart phone to sign up for it (you can actually email your receipts if you don’t have a smart phone…great for my mom). They offer a generic item or two every week, and update their offers every Thursday, so there are constantly new items. Probably $10 monthly.
checkout51 pic
 Gas Buddy

This app is great for saving money at the pump! So much money is spent on gas in our house, that this is another app that we use every week. This app will use your phone’s GPS to locate the cheapest gas prices in the area. I like to use it especially when I am not near home and our “favorite” (also known as the cheapest) gas stations. It is very surprising that there can be a .50 difference per gallon a quarter mile away from one gas station to another. Sign up below for this app.



I use all of these apps to save, and earn, hundreds of dollars a year, in addition to all of the money that we save with coupons. I do not like downloading lots of apps, but I do have one page on my phone set aside just for these applications. I figure that if I am getting paid by my smart phone, these are some of the most valuable things that I could have on my phone. I would recommend trying out all of these apps for at least a month or two, and see how much you can add to your wallet!